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Implementing Information Security Technical Controls 

Firewalls and Anti-Virus are no longer enough

EVERY organization whether large or small is a target of cyber threats today.   The bad guys attack from other countries and from within our own country.    They attack directly from the internet using their own servers and using those of unsuspecting organizations.  They attack from within the cloud that now hosts some of your servers and services.   They use targeted emails aimed at users on your network.   They entice employees to visit sites that download malware, and they leverage infected workstations and mobile devices that unsuspecting employees or contractors connect to your network.   The bad guys are continuously looking for vulnerabilities in your network and your customer and partners’ networks to accomplish their financial or malevolent goals to attack you.

To ward off attackers, smart organizations mitigate risk by implementing administrative and cost effective technical controls.   In the past, patching systems, protecting the network perimeter with a firewall and protecting end-points (workstations and servers) with anti-malware was sufficient.   Today, the best advice is to implement a ZERO-TRUST network and an architecture of integrated technical controls together prevent attacks, detect attempts, identify breaches and help your team rapidly respond to shutdown the activities of the bad guys whether they are outside or inside your organization.   

Technical Security Designed for you

Balancing risk, security, process impact and cost

T3 Dynamics helps organizations achieve their information security goals by listening and then architecting an integrated solution of technical controls that mitigates risk, maximizes security, minimizes impact to process at the lowest cost.   We then provide expert resources to implement the solution set in the order that provides the fastest return on investment to achieve the priorities that you define.

We provide

  • Security architecture
  • Implementation services
  • Patching, Update and Health-check services
  • Managed Security Services

Our Specialties

The life cycle of Infosec Technical Controls

Security Architecture

Security technology implementation 

patching, Update and Health-check services

Managed Security Services



What We Can Do For You

We specialize in the services that help you mitigate risks by architecting a technical controls platform of available technologies that satisfy your risk tolerance. We can implement those controls for you and transfer knowledge. If you wish, we can implement changes to the controls that include patching and functional changes that resolve newly identified vulnerabilities. And we can provide a 24x7x365 security monitoring and resolution service to help you sleep at night and reduce your expenses.

Security Architecture

We start by understanding risk, mapping them to mitigating controls and then architect an integrated solution.

Implementation Services

We implement the individual components of the security technical architecture,

Patching, Update and Health Checks

We provide services to keep the security solution patched, updated to current releases and provide health-checks to validate effectiveness,

Security Managed Services

We implement continuous monitoring of the solution architecture to ensure that if there is a security incident, it is detected and resolved quickly,

From Our Founder

We Know Mid-market Security

Laser focus, agility, and cost-control are the hallmarks of the mid-market.   Getting it done and satisfying customers is the mantra.   But today, more than ever before, there is a new challenge – information security, that is affecting every organization regardless of size.   Every executive and every IT leader knows a colleague whose organization was affected by ransomware or found that they had been breached and important data was stolen.   

I’ve led IT for large companies and many in the mid-market.   I have first hand experience leading a team fighting a malware outbreak.   I know the challenges of right-sizing the IT budget for mid-market companies.   It is this experience has led to ensuring that T3 Dynamics has a methodology targeted at the mid-market organization and has the right resources to help get the right job to protect your organization using the right tools at the minimum cost.   Let me know if you have a question.

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