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We offer Information Technology Security (INFOSEC) planning, implementation and managed services


We Specialize

We specialize in the services that help you mitigate risks by architecting a technical controls platform of available technologies that satisfy your risk tolerance. We can implement those controls for you and transfer knowledge. If you wish, we can implement changes to the controls that include patching and functional changes that resolve newly identified vulnerabilities. And we can provide a 24x7x365 security monitoring and resolution service to help you sleep at night and reduce your expenses.

We Develop Security architecture

Many organizations buy point solutions for end-point protection, network protection, data loss prevention, security monitoring etc.   We are different.   Based on your risk mitigation priorities, we architect an integrated set of security tools to your high priority infosec risks.   Our approach provides the broadest protection for your dollars, minimizes time to detect, prevent and respond to threats.

we Implement the security components

After defining the architecture, we implement the integrated solution in the order that minimizes time to finish balanced with implementing the components that mitigate the priority business information risks.

We manage security technology updates

We can offload security component updates and configuration changes that align with your business technology and services changes.   This keeps your information security services fresh and aligned with your business needs.


We can offload security monitoring. This service enhances your infosec operational service with experts focused on your security 24 hours a day, every day.


Try Our Process

Analysis of Policies and Controls

Your Infosec Risk Management approach has helped you define policies, procedures, standards and controls.   We review the identified controls, and make recommendations for enhancing them with current security technology

Develop security architecture

The enhanced set of security controls is the starting point for our definition of security architecture and a roadmap optimized for your organization.

Implement & Monitor

Expert resources for each component are assigned to implement the security architecture, to update any vendor updates, changes required to address discovered risks, needs of the business or to facilitate the active monitoring of the environment.

From Our Founder

A Security Architecture is a Team Activity

Information security technology has evolved with the threats.   It used to be easy – protect the perimeter with a firewall and Intrusion Protection System and protect workstations and servers with Anti-virus.   As the threats have evolved, so have the tools required to defend against the continuous attacks to your organization’s information assets.   It now takes a set of integrated solutions to detect, prevent and respond to infosec threats.   We call this the Security architecture.

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